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Majetta’s Towing service provides a professional towing service, transport. Our tow truck operators mechanical knowledge will insure safe practices with all our emergency recovery services in the New Jersey area for vehicles of all types. With over 60 pieces of service equipment, our trained teams are ready and waiting for your call. Majettas Towing Service offers quality towing, quick response times, and courteous towing services technicians.

Towing vehicles on the flatbed trucks

Towing vehicles on flatbed trucks is one of the best safest methods to transport cars. There are so many services that offer Long distance towing of your vehicle. Some services gather different cars in one region that are all headed to the same destination. Sum up your car to a Big step can save your money.

A flatbed towing truck uses a mechanical way to angle its a bed like a pitch, and the car needing a tow is then maneuvered onto the bed. Then, the flatbed is mechanical way lower back down to a flat state, the vehicles are ready to be towing.

Tow vehicles on rollback truck

Tow vehicles on rollback trucks are used to tow cars and trucks that are harmed from a wreck and cannot be towed perfectly with a truck that only lifts one end of the vehicle. The distinctive feature of a rollback truck is that it flatbed tilts. Because of the length and simplicity of design, this type of vehicle can control trucks, cars, construction parts, short trailers, or other gear. The tilted bed provides the ramp that a machinist can winch the vehicle onto. A rollback may be superior to another vehicle when hauling cars and trucks that need premiere care. A rollback can also be the better option when hauling vehicles, a long way.

Our all driver has mechanical knowledge

Our drivers have mechanical knowledge and they are polite and have good communication skills. Our towing service have complex machines that require a high level of knowledge and ability. Mechanical drives are usually part of a complicated network of machines and parts. It takes a high level of learned knowledge to service these devices. depending on the area and industry that your business is in, it could be difficult to find a repair person on short notice. When that lastly take place, the problem could be something easy to fix. In this place, you waste valuable time and money. Our Goal is to get you Home

Our light-duty towing service equiptment.

Our massive equipment and light-duty are offered everywhere in New Jersey, USA. We generally load and offload light-duty truck transports with modified digital equipment such as ramps, cranes, or lifts. Any transportation or truck that has a gross vehicle weight of 3,860kgs and payload capacity of 1, 815kgs is termed as a light truck. Also called light mercantile vehicles, this carriage is designed for the transport of people or property and has some off-road enabling shape. One Example of light-duty trucks is pickup vans and sport utility transport. Constant contact is maintained between the rig transporting your light-duty trucks and our dispatch managers who in turn repose you in the loop.

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